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Will you pick them up for me?

Yes, if it is not an excessive amount (under 10 items).

  • $5.00 Fee Applies!

  • This fee covers the time it takes our techs to pick it up.

If it is extremely excessive (over 10 items)

  • We will inform you!

  • If you are home and it is an excessive amount, but you do not want to have the service cancelled we will wait for you to pick it up.

    • You will still receive the Trash/Toy Fee of $5.00 due to the time we had to spend waiting.

  • If you are not home or do not want to pick it up, we will cancel the service appointment for that day and reschedule it with you for a later date!

    • You will be charged ONLY a Same Day Cancellation of Service Fee of $10.00 if this happens.

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