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You have questions? We have answers!!

No matter how much information you put out, some questions will always remain! We look forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us, please check below for some of our most frequently asked questions. This helps give us more time to answer specifics and saves you time as well!

Do you have to come out to do an estimate?

Basic lawn maintenance can normally be quoted over the phone using our Advanced High Resolution Aerial Imagery Software.

  • This allows us to pull up your house via an aerial image that is much more detailed than google maps.

  • We will go over items you have and ensure we have the right image.

  • Then we will measure various items almost exactly.

  • We can measure just the area being mowed, trimmed (weed eat), edged, etc.

  • We can remove the square footage of items like pools, the house, gardens, etc. to provide you with the most accurate estimate for your property.

For more detailed service requests, we will need to schedule an in person estimate! Presence not required!

How are services priced?

  • We price our lawn maintenance services based on a combination of  square footage and linear footage of the actual area of mowing, trimming (weed eat), edging, and blowing.

  • We will discuss everything in detail prior to emailing the estimate including the price. We want to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for and you are happy with your choices.

  • We also want you to feel confident in what to expect from our techs with your services.

  • Estimates usually take no more than 15 minutes in total. If you message us on Facebook please provide name, address, phone number, and email address with your message. If you request an estimate through our client hub, please fill out all information. This will help us prepare before we call you to discuss your estimate. If you call, we can gather the basic information and gladly call you back quickly with the estimate if you would like.

What is the client hub?

The client hub is a personalized portal to your account. In the client hub the following actions can be done:

  • -Make a request for a service/quote

  • -View & approve past and current quotes

  • -View upcoming, and past appointments for services, on site quotes, etc.

  • -View past & current invoices

  • -Make payments

  • -Save cards in your wallet

  • -Sign up for autopay

  • -Contact Us

How do I access the client hub?

Client hub can be accessed:

  • By clicking here , entering your email address, and a link granting you access will be emailed to you immediately.

  • By clicking the pinned post at the top of our Facebook page

  • By clicking the link in any of the automated messages texted or emailed to you by us.

Your login is your email address.

When is payment due?

  • Payments are due upon receiving your invoice!

  • Invoices are typically sent the same day or 1-3 days after your service is completed.

  • If payment is not made before your next service date your service will be placed on PAUSE until the payment is made. Depending on how long you are on paused service could result in an overgrown fee being applied once services resume.

What forms of payments do you accept?

  • You can sign up for Autopay simply by letting us know you would like to be on Autopay. Your card will be charged automatically and you will receive a receipt by email.

  • Invoices are sent through a secure site by text & email with a pay now option with debit or credit.

    • The link/button will bring you to your client hub where you can:

      • Make payment!

      • View services!

      • Request new services!

      • View quotes!

      • Update your wallet!

      • Save your card!

      • Sign up for autopay!

      • Contact us!

  • Cash

  • Check

    • Make checks out to Pain in the Grass Lawn Service LLC

Can I setup recurring service or do I have to call to schedule each time?

  • You can set up recurring service in any manner you choose!

    • Weekly

    • Biweekly

    • One Time

  •  During peak growing season if you are not on the proper schedule for your yard’s growth rate, we may suggest changing your service frequency to ensure your yard is being maintained properly.

    • If you choose to stay on your current schedule despite our suggestion you could possibly be subject to overgrown fees even when on regular scheduled service.

    • This does not occur on all yards.

    • Some yards do fine biweekly even during peak growing season while others grow at a much faster rate during peak season and need to be done weekly.

      • A higher/faster growth rate remaining on biweekly schedule requires our techs to do double the work which requires more time.

  • You will be given a service day and that will stay the same each service unless weather prevents us from coming or our route changes.

  • You can view your service schedule in your client hub.

  • Rainout cancellations will be posted on our Facebook Page at

  • You can also view past and upcoming services in your client hub.

  • You have the option to switch service days at any time and we will do our best to accommodate your selection based on our current routes.

  • You can cancel service at any time prior to your next scheduled service date.

    • Same Day Cancellation of Service will result in a Same Day Cancellation of Service Fee in the amount of $10.00.

  • We do not allow services to be skipped.

    • If we arrive at your property and our technicians determine that the yard, simply does not need to be done we will attempt to contact you to discuss if you would like to have the yard serviced anyway or skip it and you will not be billed.

Do I have to be home for my service?

No! If you will not be home on your scheduled day, please make sure the following is in place:

  • Gates are unlocked (or a key to unlock gate is hidden and we are informed where to find it, or you can provide us with a copy to keep at the office)

  • Pets are put up (we would hate for them to escape or one of our mowers kicks something out resulting in them being injured)

    • If they really must go potty while we are there, flag our tech down and let them know.

    • We do not mind a small potty break. We love pets!!!

  • Yard is clear of pet toys, children's toys, trash, junk, etc.

  • Pet waste is cleaned up.

  • If any of the above is not done, it could result in additional fees or service may be skipped & rescheduled with a fee applied. We have a system in place for this. Friendly reminder first offense and then a fee is charged each offense after.

What fees do you charge and why?

  • We charge a few different fees and have good reasons. Time and money! It adds costs for our company resulting in you receiving a fee.

  • Click here to view our Fees Page

I am a forgetful or busy person; can I get a break please

We do not charge fees on the first go. We have a fair system.

  • 1st offense: A friendly reminder will be added to your invoice in the amount of $0.00.

  • 2nd and subsequent offenses: A $5 fee will be charged for Trash/Toy Fee if it does not result in cancellation of service appointment and $10.00 if it does result in cancellation of service appointment. A $25.00 fee will be charged for Pet Waste and it will not be cleaned up. You can schedule a Pet Waste Cleanup or sign up for our recurring Pet Waste Services.

  • If your gate is inaccessible, and we must reschedule, a $10 fee is charged on every offense regardless of if it is your 1st or 15th offense. We do not offer the 1st time friendly reminder on this.

What is your Rain Out Policy?

You will be notified via our Facebook Page & by Text

  • Your lawn will be checked daily following the end of rain for serviceability.

  • If your lawn is deemed safe to service without the potential for damage, then it will be completed at that time.

  • Service going forward will continue with your regular lawn schedule.

  • If you are on WEEKLY service and your lawn is not deemed safe to service within 3 days following the end of rain, your service will be skipped for that week, and you will not be charged for that service unless you request otherwise.

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