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Spend MORE time WITH your pets and LESS time cleaning up after them!

Why Should I Clean Up Dog Waste?

Good news! You don't have to if you hire us!

There are a few misconceptions out there about picking up dog poop, and they need to be addressed.  Picking up after your dog is an important task that is part of responsible pet ownership.

Common Courtesy

There are many things that can ruin your day, but stepping in a steaming pile is definitely high on the list.  There are not many things that are more unpleasant than getting in the car or walking in your door and discovering a terrible odor in the air. Whether you hire us to do your Lawn Maintenance or you do it yourself, nobody want's to be weed eating only to hit a pile of dog waste and have it fling back in your face or on your body. Nobody wants to step in it either.

Dog Waste is just Fertilizer – Not True!

A common misconception, or excuse people use, is that poop is natural fertilizer.  However, this is not really true. Cow manure has a very different make up from dog waste because of their digestive systems, and their diets are very different. Cows are herbivores, where as dog’s are omnivores, and their diets are very high in protein.  Dog waste is actually so high in nitrogen and phosphorus that it can have the opposite effect of fertilizer.  It can actually burn your lawn if you don’t pick it up.

Mowing Over It Doesn't Make It Go Away

Running over dog waste with the mower sounds like an easy solution to a yucky problem. It's not! Mowing over it just spreads it from single piles to tiny bits all over your yard. Imagine how dangerous or gross it is when your children or pets go play in the yard. How much waste they are coming into contact with! Do your kids wash their hands every single time they come inside from playing in the yard? Do you wash your dog's paws every time you let them in? All that waste that was spread all over the yard is now all over your floors, and possibly your furniture too. Dog waste can be harmful to lawn equipment as well. It can affect the equipment's performance.

Dog Waste Caries Bacteria and Parasites that are Harmful for Humans and Dogs!

Dog waste is full of disease causing bacteria and parasites.  These bacteria and parasites are harmful to humans and can spread disease to other dogs.  Dog waste is full of E. coli, salmonella and is a common carrier of the following: Worms (several types), Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Giardiasis, and Salmonellosis.  These bacteria and parasites can actually linger in the soil for years.  If you don’t pick up after your dog, you are putting your own family, your pets, other people, and other dogs at risk of getting sick.

Service Frequencies & Pricing We Offer

​​Leave the dirtiest job of all to us!

We tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. We know how easy it is to forget to clean up pet's waste or how busy our clients are. With Pain In The Grass Lawn Service, you can leave your whole yard up to us including the pet waste.

1 x Weekly

          $15.00 per visit for 1 dog!

***$1.50 each additional dog***

We service the yard 1 day per week. If you have Lawn Service with us as well Pet Waste Service will be the same day of your scheduled Lawn Service.

One Time

Price is based on an estimate

                done in person!

Dog Area Get Out of Control? Let us clean it up and get you back on track!

Safety Measures We Take To Protect Our Technicians, Our Clients, and Everyone's Pets & Yards

Many diseases or illnesses can be spread through dog waste.

Not only can they be spread but it is also important to clean up your pet's waste often because their feces can harbor some of these nasty parasites and some can be transferred to humans.

That's why we take precautions to prevent the spread of these.

You can count on Pain In The Grass Lawn Service LLC to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about how we protect ourselves and your yard below!



Our Technicians place a new pair of gloves on their hands at every property. The used pair is disposed of in the same bag as the dog waste.



Our Technicians place a new bag in their bucket and on the pooper scooper at every property. The used scooper bag is disposed of in the same bucket bag as the dog waste.



Bag containing waste is disposed of in your trash receptacle. You can specify to have us dispose of it in your regular trash receptacle or in a separate trash receptacle at your property that you provide.

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