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What is more than a day’s waste?

  • You know your pet and we know pets too.

  • Rule of thumb more than 2 or 3 piles is probably more than a day’s waste.

  • Unless it is a Great Dane like our company owner has who goes one time and creates 3 different piles.

  • Most of our techs have pets and can use their best judgement.

  • Bottom line on your scheduled day please pick up after your pets to avoid fees.

If I get charged the fee will you clean it up for me?

No! Our lawn techs will not clean it up for you during your service!

  • If it is extremely excessive, we will inform you and then cancel the service and reschedule it with you for the next available date.  

  • You will be charged ONLY a Same Day Cancellation of Service Fee of $10.00 if this happens.

We do offer a new pet waste cleanup service! Serviced by our Lawn Care Service Techs!

  • This is separately billed service and is completed at the same time as your lawn service.

  • Clients that are signed up for both services are exempt from Pet Waste Fees if both services are maintained on schedule.

  • If it is not extremely excessive but still violates the daily amount rule, we will just mow over it or if we must wait for you to clean it up so we can complete the job you will be charged the fee.

  • The fee covers the time it takes us to clean the waste from our mower before we go to the next job.

Why do you charge me if you are not going to pick it up?

  • This is simple it takes our time to clean the feces from the mower before we can do the next job.

Why should I clean it up and why do you have to clean the mower before the next job?

Well, it makes sense to just swipe the lawn mower over those little mounds and even everything out. Dog poop can be a great fertilizer, right? Sorry…but that is false!

  • Although dog poop can seem quite harmless, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) feels otherwise. Dog poop is considered an environmental pollutant in the same category as herbicides, insecticides, oil, grease, toxic chemicals, and acid drainage. It does the opposite of fertilizing your lawn, leaving your perfectly green grass with discoloring and even burns.

  • Said in the nicest way possible, please remove the poop. The best thing you can do for your soil (and those living on the property) is to remove the feces. But if you were one of the many who did not end up cleaning the dog’s feces right away at least do it prior to your mow! It can also get on our techs and in their face when servicing the yard. Nobody wants that!

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