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Why do you charge more for overgrown lawns

Excellent question! Overgrown lawns that have become unruly will need to be cut multiple times to bring them down to a manageable length.

  • Simply lowering the mower deck and cutting an overgrown lawn once will not deliver an even cut.

  • This process does not leave lawns nicely manicured or customers pleased.

Servicing overgrown lawns causes a considerably increased wear and tear on machines as opposed to servicing lawns that have been regularly maintained.

  • Best practice in cutting an overgrown lawn is to cut it once at a high deck setting, cut it a second time at a lower deck setting, and repeat the process depending on how long the grass has become to achieve a finely manicured lawn after service.

Servicing an overgrown lawn can take 2-3 times as long to cut compared to a lawn that has been maintained properly.

  • When a crew dedicates additional time to a property, the cost of labor also rises.

  • The same crew could have taken care of roughly 3 properties in the time it takes to service 1 overgrown lawn; like with any service, pricing is modified to reflect that.

How can I avoid overgrown fees?

Simple! Just make sure you get your lawn cut regularly, get on scheduled service, and apply any suggestions of extra service during peak growing season.

  • You live at your home, so you know your lawn better than anyone.

  • Best practice is to order reoccurring service, so your lawn is well-kept all season long without having to think about it!

But I have a reoccurring service, why did I receive an overgrown fee?

  • If a service was SKIPPED due to a violation and unable to be rescheduled quickly it may result in an overgrown fee being applied to your next service.

  • If a service was SKIPPED by you resulting in the lawn becoming overgrown by the next scheduled service you will receive the overgrown fee.

  • If a service is SKIPPED due to weather or at the fault of the company, you will not receive any fees.

How do I know you did not just charge me the fee when my grass really was not overgrown?

  • Rest assured, photo evidence reflecting grass height will always be required from our service techs to ensure all overgrown fees are accurately accounted for.

What if just my backyard is overgrown and not the front? How would it be charged?

We would take just the Square Footage of the area that is overgrown and base the fee on that area only and charge it accordingly.

  • We only do a special calculation in these cases.

  • If your entire lawn is overgrown the charge will be based off the list above.

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